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Terms and Conditions

The Classic Car Clinic, formally known as Nick’s Classic Cars, has been serving the Cape Metro for over 13 years as the Engine Repair and Auto Restoration experts. We are the biggest Classic Car Restorers in the Western Cape.

Terms & Conditions


Estimates of Restoration

It is impossible to estimate the exact cost of a restoration at the beginning or during a project. A general approximate figure can be given based on previous jobs that were similar. This is by no means a final price and is subject to change depending on the needs of the project and customer's change order requests. Restorations are performed as economical as possible without compromising the finished quality that we so proudly stand behind.

Billing & Payment

Invoicing is done on a monthly basis for all parts, labour and services rendered.

An invoice listing all fees and cost incurred for services rendered will be e-mailed depending on the billing cycle we establish when your project has started. Photographs will be included to reflect progress and problem areas of the car and its components.

Invoices not paid by the billing date will result in a work stoppage until paid. The Classic Car Clinic reserves the right to refuse to continue working on any car with repeated payment delays or problems. If the invoice is not paid within five days, the customer may be liable for storage fees.


Each customer must provide their own insurance to cover the market value of the car.


All vehicles and contents left in our custody are parked, stored and driven entirely at vehicle owner’s risk.

The owner will not be held liable for any injury to, or the death of any persons or for the damage to or destruction or loss of any property, including vehicles, wether caused by the negligence of the owner, his employees, agents, contractors or any other person, or resulting from vandalism or theft caused by any person. The afore going shall not limit or exempt any loss attributable to gross negligence.

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