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General Servicing

We service most makes of vehicles.



Car ServicingServicing a classic vehicle is not the same as servicing a modern vehicle. Greater experience is necessary, extra care is needed and a level of dedication to preserve these fantastic cars for more than their owner’s sake is optimum. At The Classic Car Clinic we promise that we will always place yours and your car’s best interests first. We service all vehicles in alignment with the original manufacturer’s schedules in order to keep them running smoothly. We use original parts when available and the best independently manufactured components when not available.

If during a service we do identify any problems we will explain how they can be fixed, provide a written estimate detailing parts and labour costs and should you tell us to proceed, return your car in perfect order.

The classic vehicles that we all love were extremely well made but they need careful attention. Our car servicing options that we offer will help to preserve their safety, roadworthiness and their value.


General Servicing Showcase ~ 10 Photos

Rolls Royce Alfa Romeo Cobra MG Porsche Ferrari Maserati Aston Martin Bentley Jaguar Mini Mercedes Benz Morgan Austin Healey