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Classic Car Clinic Team

The Classic Car Clinic, formally known as Nick’s Classic Cars, has been serving the Cape Metro for over 13 years as the Engine Repair and Auto Restoration experts. We are the biggest Classic Car Restorers in the Western Cape.

Bill Craig


Bill Craig is the owner of The Classic Car Clinic. He has been in the motor industry since the early 60’s, when he served an apprenticeship at Ford and then received full training to qualify as a Rolls Royce mechanic.

He owned two garages in Glasgow before emigrating from Scotland to South Africa in 1998 where he opened SST Motors in Maitland, offering repairs for all makes of cars, including Classic and Vintage vehicles.

Through Bill’s close association with The Classic Car Clinic, in 2015 he was he was brought in as a consultant. He did this whilst also running SST Motors. In 2016 Bill purchased the company from Crossley and Webb and amalgamated SST Motors into The Classic Car Clinic.


Nick Joubert


Nick served an apprenticeship in the 60’s with Sydney Clow and Co in Pretoria, predominately working on Chrysler, Peugeots, Jaguar and Leyland vehicles.

Nick moved to Cape Town in 2003 and opened Nick’s Classic Car Clinic in Ottery.

Nick sold the company to Crossley and Webb in 2013. Because of his expertise, he was asked to stay at the company to assist to train and supervise the mechanics in the workshop.

He is still employed at The Classic Car Clinic and currently works on a part time basis.


Simba Chikerema


Simba, originally from Bulawayo, started working as an automotive trimmer in 1988. He worked predominately on coaches where he did the wood and trim repairs and reconditioning.

He started automotive trimming in 2001 and continued his trade when he came to Johannesburg in 2006.

Simba moved to Cape Town in 2013 and joined The Classic Car Clinic.


Professor Pamburai


"Prof" was originally from Zimbabwe where he learnt his trade working, for 10 years, in various coach building companies.

He joined The Classic Car Clinic when he arrived in Cape Town in 2016 and he is now employed to oversee all the panel beating undertaken by the company.

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